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Professional Digital



  • Factory Trained Technicians

  • Midwest Camera Repair has bought out the remaining
    Parts & Accessories for Professional Digital products. 


  • Below are just a few accessories items we have in stock for
    the Kodak Pro models


Please E-mail any questions on accessories


Battery & Charger SLR/14N

New Original Kodak

Battery $25.00

 Charger $49.95

Original Kodak battery & Charger for 
SLR-14N, SLR-N and SLR-C 

Battery & A/C Adapter Pro Back 645

Battery No Longer Available 12/01/12

Battery Charger No Longer Available 6/04/12

A/C Adapter $65.00

IR & AA Filters   

Pro Back IR Filter      No Longer Available
Pro Back 645 Series AA Filter $295.00

Pro Back / Pro Back Plus AA Filter 


 Kodak Sensor Cleaning Kit


5- Cleaning Swabs, Cleaning Solution (15mil.)     CAT# 841 3478

Works with any D-SLR



We have many of the cables and adapters for the
SLR-Series and Pro Back-Series 

About Prices do not include shipping 

Please E-mail any questions on accessories


  • Digital,

  • Film,

  • Lens

  • & Accessories 

From Professional to Amateur, from Digital to film we can handle your service needs 

(Also Extended Warranty) 

Out of Warranty repairs
on most major brands

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Professional Support 


(Also Manufacturer's Extended Warranty)   Out of Warranty repairs on most major brands

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