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Metro Times rates Midwest Camera Repair
Best Camera Repair


Midwest Camera Repair
318 Oak St., Wyandotte; 734-285-2220

Opines MT shutterbug Doug Coombe: Cameras thought to be goners — the one that got slammed by the slam dancer at the Afghan Whigs show, the one that got doused with a mixed drink at a Super Bowl party, etc. — have been brought back to life here. When your point-and-shoot seems shot, you're probably right to toss it. Anything else is probably worth the time for a look-see. One thing that makes Midwest Camera Repair great is the staff does most repairs on site instead of merely sending cameras off to the manufacturer. So if you do have a problem with a repair, you don't have to send it back to the factory and wait all over again. (Best advice for avoiding Midwest Camera Repair: Don't drop any camera equipment from more than 5 feet. Gravity usually wins.)


I dropped my 70 - 200 mm lens. I thought, there goes $2500.00. For a new lens!!!!!!!!!! I was referred to your company & found a company that does what it advertizes. You serviced the lens in less than 2 weeks. The price was GREAT.  I hope I never have to use your service again but I will certainly pass your name along to anyone who would need it. Thanks again for such a great experience.

Tom C. Pittsburgh Pa.

Hi Midwest friends,  
I wanted to let all of you know how much I appreciate the excellent repair you completed on my Nikon F-100. It now operates like a new camera thanks to you folks. When the camera started to malfunction I was worried that an “old” film camera might not be able to be repaired. But, As I have come to expect, Midwest came through for me with flying colors. My sincere thanks to all of you at Midwest Camera Repair.

Dick _____  Bay City, MI 48706
Thank you for excellent repair and service on my 300mm Canon lens. It's a dinosaur and not pretty to look at but it is fully functional again and I'm happy to have it back in service.

Thanks again, Brandon  _____
Staff Photographer _____  Courier
Received my Kodak slide projector a couple days ago.  I was very pleased with your method of handling repairs and the repairs were done very nicely. 

Thanks for a great job.
Marvin   _____ Sumner, IA 50674
I just received the camera and it works like new! :)  Thanks for cleaning it too.. I will recommend Midwest!

Dear Midwest;
Thank you for an excellent job in recently repairing my Kodak Pro SLR/c camera .
I was impressed with the fast and excellent service that you provided .  I'm very satisfied with the result.

Another thing, I appreciated the attention to detail, like wrapping the camera in a plastic bag, before shipping;  including a copy of the test photo; and the solid and secure packaging for the return trip.
I would be happy to recommend your work to any of my associates.
Sincerely, Emile ____
Dear Sir,
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service, I have just received my camera back and all is well, hopefully I will get many more shots from it without having to bother you again, anyway at least I know where to turn if something goes wrong again/

Cheers Michael ______
South Melbourne Australia
How wonderful !!!! I must say that your services are greatly appreciated and you have done a wonderful job in handling all this.

Thank you once again.
Anna ____
I got my camera back today.

Tim ____
Thank you very much.

Your staff is very professional and willing to help me and my co-workers 100% of the time. You guys run a great shop.

Thanks again.
Scott ___
Thank you for your help & prompt response.
Looks like you're living up to your fine reputation.

Ric ____






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